Here's another essential question to inquire about yourself before choosing a Brazilian or Indian weaving: how lengthy to select and the number of packages with respect to the preferred result?

I'll attempt to simplify your decision with a few important components!

Brazilian or Indian weavings, the amount of pack?

Usually, each package of wick weighs typically around 100 grams, whatever the entire wick. Consequently, the more the wick is, the less it will likely be thick. This thickness is symbolized through the bandwidth from the weaving: it's the entire sewing band when the good Brazilian hair or Indian weaving is unrolled.

A 12-inch wick weighing 100 grams will therefore have a bigger bandwidth than the usual 26-inch wick (that will weigh exactly the same weight). The size of wick you select will therefore directly impact the amount of packets needed to offer the effect you would like when it comes to volume.

The more the wicks, the greater packets will become important for any sufficient volume. For information, because each features its own morphology and the own desires when it comes to volume for his hair, here's what could be suggested for an entire mind:

As much as one foot, a bundle could be enough however i always advise to consider another in situation, anyway the unused package may be used inside a future pose. Should you got it on my small Wick For You Personally shop, you will find the choice of coming back the unused package and also the cost from the wick is going to be refunded upon receipt.

As much as 20 inches, two packages should be enough for any natural and harmonious rendering (no rat tail effect particularly!), Include one if you're searching for any large volume effect

From 22 inches, it's 2 packages minimum but you should take 3 to make sure an adequate volume in the tips and 4 for any large volume

I really hope this information will assist you in your alternatives, don't hesitate to talk about it in order to share your experience of your comments ought to!